Colombia, fighting for a more just society

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Political Crisis in Colombia


A chaotic situation…

It all started on April 28, 2021

The country is experiencing protests in more than 70% of the towns and villages.

There are protests against the reform of the President’s government Iván Duque who aims to raise $6.8 billion over the next 10 years and which mainly affects the middle class.

The government’s measures

– Lower income tax ceiling

– A 1% tax on assets over $1.3 million

– An increase in VAT on basic services (gas, electricity, sanitation)

– An increase in the price of gasoline

– The installation of tolls

– The wage freeze until 2026 in the public sector and the abolition of many exemptions

– Further reforms aimed at the overhauling of the labour market and the health system.



– Abandoning tax reform

– Abandoning health reform

– Resignation of President Iván Duque

– Reform of the national police and the riot squad

– Respect for agreements made following the 2019 protests

The consequences of the protests

Acts of violence were reported on the sidelines of the protests.

Other demonstrations were marred by violent clashes with law enforcement, especially in the capital Bogota and Cali, with 26 people killed (according to the government) and nearly 47 according to a local NGO, more than 1,500 people injured and more than 90 people missing.

A turnaround, the government is retreating

Faced with the scale of the protests, on 2 May President Iván Duque suspended the tax reform project and promised to withdraw the most contested measures.

Finance Minister Alberto Carrasquilla resigns on 3 May.

The movements continue…

Protesters mainly made up of trade unions from different sectors, indigenous peoples, environmentalists and students continue the movement and call for improved health, education and security policies for a better society.


What is the future of Colombia?

Will there be a change in governance?

Let’s hope for a better future for this beautiful country…


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